Our Retail Store Opened Saturday, February 15th! 

221 Broad St., Summit NJ (Corner of Broad and Ashwood)

Almost everything is on line except pottery, period products, scents and make-up but these will be on line in a couple days. Jennifer, Hasitha and Sigourney are coming back to work with all the Covid19 protocols in place. 

STORE HOURS (Modified during Pandemic)
CURBSIDE EVENT: Knife Sharpening by Jerry from Get Sharp this Wed June 3rd. Drop off at the Mercantile (the store) on Wednesday and pick up Thursday June 4th (or Friday if volume is high) See Event Tab above for details/instructions.

 Wed - Sat 11-4, and some Sundays, or by appointment. Curbside pickup required and delivery offered. I am usually here late, so just call or text if you want to pick up after 4pm.

❋ Visits in the store are starting by appointment, provided you were not exposed to Covid19 and that you wear a mask and don't touch things. 

 Note: Call for pickups and deliveries (908) 612-1638.

 Up to 5 parking spaces available in the front for customers, employee parking in the back. Street parking available but limited on Park Ave and Ashwood Ave.

Farmers Markets

❋ Westfield Farmers Market - not invited at this time.

 Summit Farmers Market -- every other Sunday, June 7, 21, July 5, 19, August 2, 16, 30, Sept 13, 27, Oct 11, 25, Nov 8, 22.


  • I will bring limited products, so I recommend you pre-order on the website. For shipping, please use code SFMFREESHIP which tells me you are picking up at the market and to bring your order there. Please remember to stop by for pick up at the market. All preorders must be in by Friday at 4pm before the Sunday market - see which dates I am there. 

  • Reusable Cotton Face Masks should be pre-ordered.

  • I will also have refillables at the market and you do not have to preorder these: shampoo, conditioner, laundry detergent, hand soap, dish soap, however selection is limited, as these do not transport easily.  


Our Coronavirus Protocols and Plans

As many of you are focused on COVID-19 or Coronavirus (the virus), know that we are as well. First and foremost, we hope that you and your families stay safe and healthy as you manage through these challenging times. Here is what we at Sustainable Haus are doing: 


  • We are reading and following CDC protocols.  


  • We are washing hands frequently with soap and water.

  • We are wiping down hard surfaces (pumps, handles, lids, register, sinks, work areas, toys, etc) every day, and higher touch areas more often using 70% isopropyl alcohol spray.

  • We are washing scoops after every use. 

  • We are using lots of our reusable wipes only once and washing them all each night with detergent and chlorine bleach. 

  • We are not coming to work if sick or exposed to the virus. 

  • Basically, only Janette is working inthe store, and no customers enter. We are 100% curbside service. (Text or call on arrival and I set your order outside int he bin. There is hand sanitizer available in the bin. PS - Due to nature, we get a little plant debris in the bin during the day. We wipe the bin throughout the day, but nature is hard to control.)


How to actually buy stuff?

  • Lots of products are on line and when you select shipping method "Store Pick-up" there is no shipping charge. Or use coupon code SFMFREESHIP for Summit Farmers Market Pick ups June 7, 21, July 5, 19, August 2, 16, 30, Sept 13, 27, Oct 11, 25, Nov 8, 22. You will get a pick-up ready email usually same day, but remember we are closed Mon-Tues.

  • You can also phone in the order 9-9 any day. (908) 612-1638.  I fill the order, invoice you, and you pay electronically with a credit card, paypal, etc.

  • Pick ups are during store hours which are subject to change and are currently Wed -Sun 11-4. NOTE. Text when you arrive, and your order will be outside by the door.

  • If you want to have containers refilled, they MUST BE CLEAN. Just come during store hours, leave them in the bin outside the door, call me to discuss what you want, I fill, invoice and place them back outside. This take just a few moinutes, same amount of time as if you were filling it yourself.

  • Not sure what pattern or color you want. I can hold it up and show you and you can select.

  • Easy Peasy!

How can we help you?

  • We will be here to serve you with more limited hours unless we are sick and unable to come to the shop and both curside pickup and deliveried are offered. (We will notify via our Instagram, FB and this website if we change hours or close.)

  • We will work with anyone who wants to come to the store, but stay outside while we fill your order.Just email me at Janette@sustainablehaus.com with any special requests.

  • Masks: I make and sell alot of masks. You must order these on line. 

  • To help meet community needs, rather than raise prices on essentials, we are offering 20% off SHM basic soap bars  We have coconut soap both plain and mint, and coconut and olive oil coming soon with both plain and mint. Thety sell for $1.15/oz or about $5.65 for a 5 oz bar. As these are all hand cut, the size and thus price per bar will vary.  This will be in place until further notice (during the pandemic), and provided supplies last.  By the way, wondering if soap is truly effective? Great NY Times article explaining just how it works: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/03/13/health/soap-coronavirus-handwashing-germs.html

  • We have hand made sanitizer in 2.7oz bottles, or 70% isopropyl alcohol in 2,7oz bottles.  Sanitizer is a mix that is at least 60% alcohol, with glycerine and essential oils. 70% alcohol is what we use to wipe down hard surfaces, and is the key ingredient in hand sanitizer (as recommended by the CDC, see link above). 

 Thanks for checking in with us, stay safe and well, 

 -- Janette and the Sustainable Haus Mercantile Team

Sustainable Haus Mercantile is a back to basics, creatively designed zero waste refill shop offering, eco-friendly, non toxic, package free home goods including over 50 refillable products. We are a maker of upcycled and non-toxic home solutions. What's upcycled? Our fabrics are carefully curated and 95% used or new leftovers. Washed & sanitized, inspected and carefully cut. Most products are compostable at end of life.

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