The Sustainable Haus Mercantile Story

This is really a story about Janette... She grew up as a first generation American caring about the environment and the land with a dad who had a large organic garden and a mother who is a professional seamstress and worked for years in a health food store.   After raising her daughters and spending too much time in Corporate, she wanted better choices for her family and as she pursued as goal of zero waste, non-toxic living, she started selling her sustianable haus home solutions at local farmers markets.  And the journey continues with the opening of a sustainable haus mercantile. Our vision is to educate and offer better choices for ourselves and the planet. We have a unique focus on upcycling materials, differentiating us from your average zero waste store.

Sustainable Haus Mercantile offers a full line of zero waste home goods (everything but the food). You will still find us at local farmer's markets, sustainable events and in our retail store in Summit, NJ.  We carry a number of our own sustainable haus products, made by us, and an increasing volume of some of the best zero waste choices on the market. We offer solutions for food storage, kitchen, bathroom, hair and body care, laundry, kids products and refillable cleaners and body care products.  

The store offers much more than our markets,  such as refillable shampoo and conditioner, hand soap, liquid laundry detergent, refillable makeup and a locally made nail polish with good ingredients, bento boxes and travel mugs and food storage containers, dish lending, and hands on demonstrations. 

We have a passion for the environment and our own health.  By combining a love of visual arts and design with eco-friendly and fair trade practices, we create or curate unique items from organic, recycled and vintage finds, with each item serving a useful purpose and most saving you money over the long term while being plastic-free, package-free and most are fully compostable at end of life.  In fact, most products help the environment in multiple ways.  The result is quality home goods, at affordable prices, creating healthier and more sustainable homes for our families and the earth.

One example is our labels: we use milk to glue on recycled paper labels on our detergent jars and have just purchased labels for our bottles  from  PURE Labels which are 100% biodegradable/recycled/recyclable labels, made by Elevate Packaging. We love our planet and know that each sustainable choice we make matters!


Of course you know we only sew natural fiber fabrics, 95% used and always with cotton (compostable thread), which is incredibly rare and unique. (Note face masks are currently made with polyester thread, and some cotton blends are used.)

  healthy planet*healthy people*healthy home


Photo by Joanie Schwarz Photography