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I am honestly mixed on the plant based plastics. It's always better to not use any plastics, bio included, but what to do with dogpoo? And trashcan liners? I think these can be good alternatives. Our trash is burned locally, and plant based plastic feel like a better choice to burn than petroleum based plastic. Trash is a messy business and these can offer a better choice. My favorite use: bathroom trashcan liners.  

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Bio Bags are compostable in a Municipal Fascility. Available Sizes --

  • Pack of 25 3 gallon Food Scrap Bags (16.9" x 17.7" x .64mil) $6.49
  • Pack of 12 Tall 13 gallon Kitchen Bags (22.2" x 29 x .68mil) $6.99
  • Pack of 50 Standard  Pet Waste Bags (8.0" x 11.4" x.9 mil) $7.49
  • 3 Rolls of 15 Pet Waste Bags (45 totoal) (8.5" x 14" x.5 mil) $7.49
  • Pack of 35 Large Pet Waste Bags (9.8" x 12.6" x.9 mil) $7.49



Don't leave pet waste bags in your yard and in the elements, as they will begin their composting process. Same holds true for trash. When you have a lot of food waste in these bags, they will start to degrade, so be careful how you manage the compost as well.

Bio Bags

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