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Laundry Detergent JAR

30oz jar sells for $17

(30 oz bag - cleans 30-60 loads for $16 - price is lower due to packaging and shipping weight will be lower, see separate listing.)


Directions: Use 1-2T powdered detergent per load. Safe for HE washers (just place in washer on top of clothing, not in dispenser) and it works really well.

For cold water washing, it is recommended to dissolve detergent in a little warm water before placing in machine. Just add detergent and warm water to a cup, swish around for 30 second and add to drum of washer.

For heavy stains, you can pretreat or soak in detergent prior to washing.  (I rarely do this, as it works well enough for most of our laundry. Given my upcycling business, I do a tremendous amount of laundry.) Also, ask me for a non-chlorine bleach recipe which works like a miracle.

Pairing Recommendations: use ¼ - ½ c white vinegar instead of fabric softener. It does not leave residue or smell, is really cheap & eco friendly. Helps brighten clothes, set colorfast-ness and disinfects while softening water & laundry.  Please avoid dryer sheets and plastic dryer balls, both generally contain toxins. Consider felted wool dryer balls.  Essential oil or lavender sachets can add a nice scent. (*Remember, don’t mix vinegar and chlorine bleach together - which I almost feel silly saying. Does anyone still use chlorine bleach? And if you do, feel free to convo me for some great, safe, alternatives.)


Ingredients: organic handmade coconut oil soap, washing soda & baking soda. Yup, that's it!


Please Recycle: Return them for 50c off your next purchase. Bags are compostable, jars are reusable or can be recycled.

Laundry Detergent Jar (hand made from organic coconut oil soap)


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