We are the exclusive vendor of Crow Canyon in Summit. It is my absolute favorite enamalware in such pretty colors and patterns. As campers, this is the alternative to plastics. It is perfect for use with young children, at the beach or park picnic, poolside, and boating. 


Crow Canyon (CA brand) has been making these hand painted enamal peices since 1977. They are safe to use on stovetop, oven, grill campfire, and dishwasher safe but not microwave safe. They meet all FDA and prop 65 standards. Note that while very durable, these can chip, as they are porcelon coated metal, so try not to let the kids play frisby with them. And, if chipped, they remain safe to use. 


We have a good slection, but can order different petterns/colors if you are looking for a set of something special.


Here's what I've selected and is in stock (see also gift sets with pitchers and trays) I chosen a mix of traditional and splatterware in blues and reds, which offers nearly endless combinations. 


  • Large colandar in blue and red splatterware 4Q, 11" $40
  • Berry colander in blue and red splatterware 1Q, 8" $28
  • Salad or Mixing Bowl white with red rib 4Q, 10.75"" $25
  • Large Red Splatterware tray (not pictured here) 12.5" $30
  • Large Dinner Plates: white with red or blue rim 10.5" $9.50
  • Large Dinner Plates: red or blue splatterware 10.25"  $11.00
  • Salad 8" Plates red splatterware $9 or white with blue rim $8.50 
  • Cereal (or ice cream!) 6" bowl: white with blue rim $9 or blue splaterware $10  
  • Storage Bowls w plastic lids 14oz in black splatterware or gray splatterware  (no picture) 5" wide, $9 each
  • See also separate listing fot pitchers and tray.

Crow Canyon Enamalware Dishes prices vary


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