Get those holiday dishes sparkling clean without hurting the planet!

  • SH Everything Bar Home can be used to clean your kitchen dishes, wash your car, wipe your counters, pretreat stains on clothing, etc.

  • SH Jute Sponge 100% compostable the terry cloth exterior prevents the natural plant based sponge inside from deteriorating and the sponge inside holds the suds longer. The natural scrubbing element of knit jute is light and soft. Wash this sponge in the washer and dryer often to extend longevity.

  • Short Handle Dish Brush made of bamboo and agave fiber is ideal for general dish washing. Can also be used on vegetables. Make sure to not submerge or soak the wooden parts in water. Hang to dry or place in a dry spot after using it. If you find your brush is not staying dry, dip the bristles in vinegar occasionally to help kill bacteria. Continue using this brush until the bristles no longer work, then compost or bury in the garden or dispose in a compost waste bin.

  • Wet-Its are designed to absorb like a sponge and wipe like a cloth. They replace ordinary paper towels and sponges. Compostable at end of life

  • SH Tea Towel 100% upcycled cotton, made primarily from vintage tablecloth. They should be washed in warm water, no bleach and no fabric softener. 

  • Eco-Bag Produce Bag can be used for produce, bread, small toys, crafts, small item storage


Red Wet-It will come with a holiday tea towel (embellished with tree) in red

Green Wet-It will come with a tea towel (embellished with NJ design) in green 

Tea towel fabric will vary. 


Sponges, tea towels, and Wet It’s are available in holiday prints and colors and can be exchanged, depending on availability, in store at time of purchase/pick up.


Pricing at events may vary 

~10% off Zero Waste Sets! 

Dishwashing Set Value ~ $47

Dishwashing Set