DESCRIPTION: Soaps are basic and do the job to wash away germs plus they clean dishes and stains really well.  These are saponified organic coconut oil and make a nice lather. All our Sustainable Haus soaps are handmade are discounted during the pandemic. They are range in size from 4-6 oz.  Dish blocks need to be a little larger, to prevent breaking. 


Our Everything Home bar can be used to clean your kitchen dishes, wash your car, wipe your counters, pretreat stains on clothing (same soap base we use in our laundry detergent), etc.


These are an economical way to wash dishes and a great zero waste package free, chemical free swap. 


  • Unscented 
  • Orange Clove Scent


DIRECTIONS:  Apply damp sponge or brush to bar of soap and scrub dishes for a nice lather and great clean. Do not keep water running as all the soap will just wash away from your sponge/brush. You can fill a sink with water for washing a pile of dishes. Just run soap under water and rub for a few seconds until water is milky. Wash and rinse as you otherwise would. 


IMPACT: A chemical free clean keeping our water supply safe and a huge reduction in plastic bottles. One bar generally lasts a month or so, depending on how many dishes you wash. 


DISPOSAL: These are sold completely package free or with a paper label and cotton string. All compostable. 


INGREDIENTS: Saponified organic coconut oil. If scented we use essential oils of orange and clove. 


Everything (Soap) Bar - Dishes and More