DESCRIPTION:These are about 8.8x9.5" and are a set of 10 from new or upcycled 100% cotton terrycloth. Blue/turquoise are new. each pattern varies based on the cut from the fabric, but all are blue/turquoise. 

DIRECTIONS: Dry Hands and wash. These are also great for kitchen and bathroom wiping, sticky fingers, dish washing, car washing, counter cleaning, etc. 

IMPACT: Generally, each reusable wipe can save you up to 17 rolls of paper towel. Image how many trees we can save, how much landfill is diverted and the carbon impact of shipping all those paper towels and trash. Besides, paper towel are wrapped in plastic. 

DISPOSAL: wipes, label, string are all compostable. We recommend or bulkier and thicker items, that you cut them up before composting to aid in the decomposition porcess. 

INGREDIENTS: Cotton Fabric, cotton thread. 

Hand Towels


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