For local sales, these are pick up only. If you live far away, you can select shipping option.  (Locally just select "pick up" for shipping method and there won't be any shipping fees). I am making them daily to meet demand, some are already made, others are made to order to allow the greatest selection. When you order, you will be notified usually same day of pickup availability in Summit  during store hours Wed-Sun 11-5 (closed Mon/Tues).   Wash before using. While all fabrics are washed, and I try and keep a germ free environment, I am looking to make these with speed, and the fact is, my environment is not perfect. OUT OF STOCK? I add inventory most days.


Mask sizes are:

  ADULT: 13.5"-13.75" ear loop to ear loop

  ADULT XL: 14.5-15" ear loop to ear loop.

  PETITE: 12.75" ear loop to ear loop

  CHILDRENS: 12" ear loop to ear loop

  TODDLER: 10" ear loop to ear loop

NOTE that I just started offering a thinner elastic that can be adjusted on the first wearing. The elastic is very comfortable, and easy to get a perfect fit, but is more delicate and won't hold up as well over time. I do offer replacement and adjustments to elastic Wed-Sat at the store, just be sure I am there. Petite can be either, a few women's are made with adjustable and kids are half and half. It does make ordering more complicated, and you may just want to come in and see them, plus you will get the best selection. 

Please read all the description Information, for your safety. Note these are not considered medical devises and I am not giving medical advice.


1) When selecting size, there are only 2 sizes (OR ask for custom). Adult masks are in a separate listing. Kids are 4x6.5" (12" end to end) and Petite is 12.75" end to end.) I highly recommend that you try on/measure your kids before buying, as fit is tricky with kids, and we can do custom, although fabrics may vary. The "girl" option will be a girl pattern  and "boy" will be a boy pattern. Not recommended for children 2 and under. Note, kids are hard to fit well, I recommend either adding a fabric tie or ask for custom. See instructions at the end of this section for how to request custom. If you need a special size, see custom instructions below.  You can add a strip of knit fabric as a band to help adjust fit -- or make your own! See my social media post on 4/18.

Customizing: Lay the mask on a ruler so the left side ear loop is at 0" and the right side is at about 12" on a kids mask, and take a picture. Note that you want it smaller or larger by how many inches or half inches. You can also let me know you want a 10" wide mask for example, but without a picture it may not fit well as I cannot accuratly account for the stretch on the elastic. Send picture with your name to


2) Cleaning: Wash before use. I have not been able to find any information on best practices for effectively sanitizing and cleaning these. Please share with me if you find any. I recommend machine washing in hot water without any bleach but with a good laundry soap. Dry in the dryer or hang to dry. (Just don't let the elastic get caught in bulky items. You may want to use a fine washable bag.) If you iron, do so with a warm (not hot iron) and iron on the back side. Some of the fabrics are cotton blend. Note that I am a sustainable business and about 95% of my fabrics are used, cleaned and sanitized and made into new and useful items. Did you know that it takes over 600 gallons of water to grow enoiugh cotton for just one mens cotton t-shirt? That's enough drinking water for one person for 2 years.  


3) Fit Also, with standard sizing, these will fit better or worse on some.  You can do a small hand stitch in each elastic band to make it a little tighter, If you need to make it looser, try stretching the elastic a bit. Or give to a family member and ask for a custom size. see instruction under sizing for how to requewst custom. Also, you can add a strip of knit fabric to use as tie behind your head. Better yet, make you own! See my social media post on 4/18. 


4) Giving Back: Our goal is to meet a market need for small businesses and home use. As a mission driven company, we are about giving back. We are donating 10-20% of masks made to those in need. Our goal is to help serve critical needs.  


Here is a Washington Post article that explains why I make these:



Kids & Petite (Adult) Cotton Face Mask

  • If you are looking to buy for your business, email me and I will try to fill bulk orders.

    If you are in need of donations, please email.

    If you can donate skills to making masks for donation, let me know. 

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