DESCRIPTION: Large fun, organic cotton, hooded bath towel measures 30" x 54" plus hood is about 9.5" tall by 8" deep and gives plenty of room for growing kids. These are designed for babies and kids or all ages. They are warm, absorbent and healthy organic with a touch of whimsy that will give your home spa like luxury. Babies will be swaddled and kids will love the design and comfort until the teenage years. (Friends use these with favorite pets when the kids are grown.) Note that these are available in white and off white. White is standard and off white will be noted in the description, if applicable.


DIRECTIONS: Wash in Warm water, do not bleach or add fabric softeners. If any loops get a small pull, just carefully snip it the pull. 


IMPACT: Organic cottons help to reduce the checmical use in the farming process and the checmical dyes as well. Organic cotton is always a healthier choice especially for children. See also our pajama selections. 

DISPOSAL: Recycle with fabrics. 


INGREDIENTS: Towels are 100% organic cotton, fair trade and Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified, perfect for the environmentally conscious and those with sensitive skin. These towels are free of pollutants, harsh dyes and chemicals, and meets top quality standards OEKO-TEX Certified (Standard 100), FREE of chemicals and naturally dyed.  Fabrics that decorate and add whimsy are organic or repurposed vintage. Trims are all cotton.



Kids Organic Cotton Hooded Bath Towel

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