Here are our kitchen brush offerings with all parts compostable or with a little metal that can be recycled.


  • Vegetable Brush $5.99  (coconut fibers with a metal swist in the center)
  • "Donut" shaped dish brush $11.99 (Beechwood and coconut Fiber with metal swist in the center)
  • Short Handle Dish Brush $6.98 (Agave (plant) bristles and teak wood)
  • Milk Bottle Brush, fits into opening the size of a milk bottle. $11.99 (Beechwood and horsehair)
  • Bottle Brush $10.99 (Horsehair and Beechwood)
  • Baby Bottle Brush $10.99 (Horsehair and Beechwood)
  • Replacement Head for Dishbrush $5.59 Dishbrush not currently available). (Beechwood and Tampica (plant based) fiber).
  • Pair of Copper Scrubbers $7.50. Better than steelwool! Last long and fibers don't end up inthe drain.
  • Grill Brush $9.75 (Beechwood and brass)

Kitchen Brushes - all sorts/prices vary


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