Wednesday, Sept 30, drop off knives at Sustainable Haus Mercantile: 221 Broad St, Summit. We will be open 11:00-6. Depending on volume these will be ready for pick up at 11am Thursday or possibly Friday (if we get a ton or requests) at Sustainable Haus Mercantile. You will pay Jerry directly. See you Wednesday! Feel free to tell friends!


Instructions from Jerry at GHetSharp

COST? $1 per inch of blade. Example: An 8 inch chef knife is $8. Damage repair is extra.

PAYMENT OPTIONS? Check, Cash, or Venmo-PayPal-ZellePay to


Your package must include 1) Your name, 2) Your cell phone number for text contact AND your email address. This information is used to contact you with your invoice for sharpening. 
You will need a dish towel (or t-shirt works). Lay the biggest knife near the end of the towel. Roll the towel one turn. Lay the next knife down on top of the first, with the handle facing the opposite direction. Continue rolling the knives into the towel one turn for each knife. Use painters tape, rubber bands, or stretch wrap to hold it together. Garden tools and other larger items can be placed in an appropriate bag with your rolled knives. 

ARE MY KNIVES DULL? if you look at the edge in a bright light and you see the edge reflecting light, it is dull. Alternatively, try cutting a tomato, if you squish the fruit the knife is dull.

WHAT CAN BE SHARPENED? Knives: straight and most serrated, scissors, axes, hatches, pruning shears, sickles, sythes, pizza cutters, commercial grade can opener blades. If you are not sure, just ask.
SERRATED KNIVES?  Yes & no. If the serrations are of normal size Jerry  can sharpen them. If they are the very tiny "never needs sharpening" design, then only the manufacturer can work on them. If only the edge of your fingernail will fit into the groove, it is mfg. only.

IS IT WORTH SHARPENING? All knives will work better sharpened. Good knives will hold a sharp edge longer. Lower grade metals become dull more quickly. 

CAN YOU FIX MY KNIFE? Yes, most of the time. If the metal blade is bent, chipped, or broken I will automatically make an effort to return the knife to its best possible usable condition.  Damage repair is a little extra.


  • Hand wash, hand dry, put away. 
  • Store in a manner that does not allow the blades to contact each other: block, magnet strip, cork stack, etc.
  • Use a ceramic honing rod, lead with the spine, drag the edge.

HOW OFTEN DO I NEED TO SHARPEN MY KNIVES? Every six months is a good rule.  Especially if you hone your blades correctly. More frequently if you use them very often or don't use a ceramic honing rod. If you use a glass cutting board you need sharpening every week, or a wooden cutting board.

Knife Sharpening Event this Wed ($1 per inch of blade)


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