Laundry can be a pain- make it easier on you and the planet with this Zero Waste Laundry set 

  • Fine Washables Bag this bag is perfect for washing your delicates. 

  • SH Laundry Detergent made with saponified organic coconut oil, washing soda, and baking soda. Use 1 tablespoon per load. Safe for HE washers. Place on top of clothes (top or front loader) and not in the dispenser.  For cold water washing, detergent can be dissolved in warm water before being placed in the machine.

  • SH Dryer Balls made of 100% felted wool. These wool dryer balls pull moisture from the dryer, reducing drying time by evenly distributing drying and thye help to reduce both wrinkles and static.


Add on a Cora Ball, the world's first microfiber catching laundry ball that prevents 20-30% of microfibers (including synthetic, plastic fabrics) from entering our waterways (add $34.25). Please read the Cora Ball information card and keep away from strappy/loopy clothing. Cora Ball needs to be cleaned periodically, much like you would a hair brush.


If you elect to have this product shipped, please note that the laundry detergent will be shipped in a paper bag. Does not include glass jar. 


Pricing at events may vary 

~10% off Zero Waste Sets! 

Laundry Set Value ~ $36-$74

Laundry Set