DESCRIPTION: Organic lavender in an upcycled 100% cotton sachet is a great way to add a little aromatherapy to your life. Choose from either floral or stripe and for larger selection, call or visit the shop. Feel free to swap a pattern when picking up.


USES/DIRECTIONS: Most of us think about leaving lavender sachets in our drawers to keep clothes smelling garden fresh. Other uses: Put between your pillow and the case to help you drift into sleep, place in the dryer to make your clothes smell great without any essential oils, leave in your pocket and squeeze for a nice scent and a little focus on relaxation. These will scent your dryer for up to 3 loads. Squeeze sachet to release additional aroma.


IMPACT: Did you know essential oils take hundreds of pounds of plant material to make small amounts of oil? So, while essential oils are a great alternative to synthetic chemical fragrances, they have a big environmental impact. These organic lavender flower bud sachets give you the organic scent at a minimal impact. Then the upcycled cotton is used to bundle these. Win-Win-Win.


DISPOSAL: Compostable at end of life. Paper labels and cotton string are also fully compostable


INGREDIENTS: Upcycled cotton fabrics, filled with organic lavender and stitched together with cotton thread.

Lavender Sachet


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