These are amazing, super sturdy and reusable for years and years. Uses:

  • Freezing summer fruits, vegies and prepared foods (like blueberries, cherries, brussel sprouts, soups, stews, sauces, etc, - The metal bands don't corrode from the freezer moisture.
  • dry goods storage like oats, flours, sugar, beans, crayons, buttons, 
  • favorite gift idea: pick garden flowers and put in the jar for years or reuse



  • small 8oz or 1/2 pint $6.50
  • 16oz pint $7.50
  • 32oz 1Liter $9.50
  • 64oz 2Liter $13.00
  • 96oz 3Liter $17
  • Replacement Gaskets/Rubber Rings come in 70mm and 85mm for $1.25 and 100mm for $1.50 sizes.


Did you know you are able to can with the same rubber ring repeatedly, without replacing? Do you need a new ring - we have them in stock! These are what

Le Parfait Latch Jars - Prices Vary


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