From one Mother to another Mother! That's from me to Mother Earth and also to you! Do you want to buy cleaning products that you understand and that work while being sure you are environmentally friendly? After all, doesn't our food, and our hands and or bodies touch our kitchen and bath surfaces? Shouldn't our cleaning products be as safe as the food we eat?


1) Bottled in glass to prevent the leaching of plastics (and potentially the 1000 additives to plastics) into our products. Yes that's what makes these a little more expensive. (So, ask about rebate if you return/refill the glass.) But we think your family and the earth is worth it.

2) Made with household ingredients, always listed. Fragrances are never used except for natural or  organic essential oils.

3) Specifically, Glass Cleaner contains: vinegar, isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol, cornstarch and essential oil.

4) How to use: Shake well, wipe until dry and squeaky clean.


Feel good and enjoy the view!


Natural Glass Cleaner


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