The cup was invente before the tampon which then disrupted the market. Today, as we focus on zero waste, healthier choices, the cup is back as the perfect sollution.  Tmpons pull moisture from you and the cup just catches the fluid that is being disguarded.  Easy to use, lasts 12 hours and comes in 3 sizes: Mini, A (before vaginal delivery) and B (after having kids). Made of medical grade silicone.


How does it work: 

Fold and insert.  OrganiCup unfolds to form a light suction seal, keeping 
it securely in place.


When inserted correctly, it's comfortable and you won't feel it.  Excersize, wear in the pool or overnight. because you can wear up to 12 hours, you can generally plan to change at home. 


To remove, just, grab the end, and press in the side to release the suction and gently pull out. Empty, rinse, repeat.  Simple! Once you get the hang
of it, you’ll wonder how youever lived without it.






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