We are bundling these cute alternatives to paper towel. 4 pack of Not Paper Towel, 3 pack of Sweeper/Wipes and a Wet-It Sweedish Dish Cloth. 


Try our Nonu Not Paper Towel. Wipe, Wash Repeat! These are 100% cotton and fully compostable at end of life (I only use cotton thread) and aren't they cute? These not paper towel are two layers (woven cotton on the front and flannel on the back, quilted together for sturdybess. 


Add some of our Sweeper/Wipes. These NoNu terrycloth wipes are great for all your kitchen, bath, cleaning needs (dishes, counters, your fridge's crisper drawer) and are designed to fit a dry Swiffer Mop. I keep different colors in the house for differnet purposes.  These wash well, are absorbant and very functional.


Add a sweedish dishcloth (also compostable at end of life) in a cute print. These are super absorbent and also washable. Who needs papertowel with all these great options?? How to dry your dishes? Add on a cotton Vintage Tablecloth Towel (yes also compostable)! We have a couple towels shown here, but the rest are in their own listing under Tea Towels.


90% of our fabrics are used (washed and cleaned of course.) Why? Did you know that it takes over 700 gallons of water to grow enough cotton for one t-shirt? That's enough drinking water for one person for 2.5 years. A cotton tablecloth takes alot more water than that. We source all materials locally. 

Paper towel Alternatives with Add on: Kitchen Towels


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