Here are our personal care brush offerings with all parts compostable or with a little metal that can be recycled. For the lint brush see Household Brushes.


  • Nail Brush $5.99 (untreated beech and tampic (plant based fiber)
  • Bath Glove $10.99  (sisal (plant based fiber) Suitable for use dry or wet.
  • Loofa Sponge $5
  • Massage Belt $25.99 (70% flax and 30% cotton) suitable for dry or wet use.
  • Pumice Stone $7.99 
  • Baby Brush $13.99 (oiled pearwood & goat hair) for use in the first year
  • Small Vegan Oval Hair brush $11.99 (oiled beechwood and tampica (plant based fiber)
  • Small Round Hairbrush $13.99 (oiled Beechwood, boar bristle)
  • Large Round Hairbrush $17.99 (oiled Beechwood, boar bristle)
  • Large Oval Hairbrush $17.99 (oiled pearwood, boar bristle)
  • Large Wooden Pin Oval Hairbrush $17.99 (waxed beechwood with wooden pins in a natural rubber cushion)
  • Brush and Comb Rake/Cleaner $6.25 (wood and wire)
  • Wood Comb $13.50 (oiled beech and olive woods)
  • Beard/Mustache Brush $11.99 (oiled pearwood)
  • Mustache/Beard Comb $11.99 (horn)
  • See also Shaving Brush found in Razor Listing
  • See also Lint Brush under Househild Brush LIsting

Personal Care Brushes - all sorts/prices vary


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