DESCRIPTION: When going for a winter walk, grab these handy reusable hand warmers. When ordering on line choose from either floral or stripe and the actual florals and stripe will vary on fabric availability. For more options visit or call the store or swap out for the pair of your choosing when you pick up.


DIRECTIONS: Heat in microwave for 20 sec intervals until you know how long it takes your microwave to heat to the perfect cozy temperature wihtout burning. Recommended to keep in your pocket for better protection and longer warmth.


IMPACT: These replace single use disposable hand warmers. 


DISPOSAL: Compostable at end of life. Paper labels and cotton string are also fully compostable.


INGREDIENTS: Upcycled cotton fabrics, filled with rice, oats and barley and stitched together with cotton thread. 

Pocket Hand Warmers (set of 2)