DESCRIPTION: Laundry Detergent BAG, (Jar or by the pound available in store)

30oz jar cleans 30-60 loads. Available in store package free: $7.20/pound (bring you own container).


DIRECTIONS: Use 1-2T powdered detergent per load. Safe for HE washers (just place in washer on top of clothing, not in dispenser).  For cold water washing, we recommend  dissolving detergent in a little warm water before placing in machine. Just add detergent and warm water to a cup, swish for 30 second and add to drum of washer.

For heavy stains, you can pretreat or soak in detergent prior to washing, or use a stain stick (see our Everyting Home Bar).

Pairing Recommendations: use ¼ - ½ c white vinegar instead of fabric softener. It does not leave residue or smell, is really cheap & eco friendly. Helps brighten clothes, set colorfast-ness and disinfects while softening water & laundry.  Please avoid dryer sheets and plastic dryer balls, both generally contain toxins. Consider felted wool dryer balls.  Essential oil or lavender sachets can add a nice scent. (*Remember, don’t mix vinegar and chlorine bleach together - which I almost feel silly saying. Does anyone still use chlorine bleach?

IMPACT: No harmful chemicals used keeping our skin and water healthy. Think how many plastic laundry jugs you have helped divert from polluting. And you have helped reduce carbon footprint by purchaing a local made item.
IDISPOSAL: Jars can be refilled package free, and recycled at end of life; bags are compostable.
INGREDIENTS:  organic handmade coconut oil soap, washing soda & baking soda. Yup, that's it!

Laundry Detergent Bag (handmade organic coconut oil soap)

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