I have used these since college, and yes that's over 30 years... But here's the best part -- they are now completely package free. Woo Hoo!


What is it and how does it work?? It's a basic salt/rock crystal with just one ingredient—Potassium Mineral Salt— which helps  prevent body odor, naturally. There's no aluminum, it's vegan and cruelty free. Rock Crystal will protect you against odor and while protecting our environment against pointless waste.


How to use? Apply to your underarm wet - either wet rock and wipe arm or apply dry rock to a wet armpit. Store in the shower or on the counter, but don't allow to "melt" in a wet place. Also do not store directly on granite, marble or quartz. We suggest keeping your rock in a small dish. It has a clean, minamalist  look. Oh, and did we mention, they last a very long time, so for those on a budget, these are an easy swap.


Buy just the Rock, or with a Dish. Save when you buy two! 

Rock Deodorant


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