Sanitizers need to be at least 60% isopropyl alcohol to effectively disinfect. This is adapted from a Wellness Mama recipe and after mixing with vegetable glycerine and essential oils of spruce, majoram, lavendar, rosalina, mint and lemon it remains over 60% alcohol, as recommended. The glycerine helps reduce the harshness on skin, and essential oils help further discourage germs. While supplies last you can come to the store, and refill. ($15 for a 16oz container refill.) If you buy on line, this is a local pick up item only.

  • Uses: when soap and water aren't available, spray on hands to disinfect.
  • Directions: Shake, spray and rub.
  • Note: Not recommended for children and pregnant women should consult with physician before using essential oils.  Please note that isopropyl alcohol is highly flamable; keep away from heat sources, sparks, electrical, heating elements, fire and flame.

Sanitizing Spray 70% Isopropyl Alcohol, Glycerine + Essential Oil


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