Soaps are basic and do the job to wash away germs! These are saponified organic coconut oil and make a nice lather. All the SHM hand made soaps are 20% off during the pandemic. They are hand cut and range in size from 3-5 oz.  They are regularly $1.50 per ounce and $1.20 during pandemic. Because these are hand cut they range in size and the discount will also vary a bit. We are pricing them based on the approximate size.


The Coconut Olive Oil Bar is out everything Bar: we use it to wash hands, body, hair, and as a shave cream. For hair we rinse with apple cider vinegar. 


We also have our Everything Home bar. Use to clean your kitchen dishes, wash your car, wipe your counters, pretreat stains on clothing, etc.


We have a few varieties:

  • Hand Soap: Coconut - Unscented  
  • Hand Soap: Coconut - Mojito (mint and lime)
  • Everything Body Bar: Coconut - Lavender scent 
  • Everything Body Bar: Coconut & Olive Oil - Unscented 
  • Everything Body Bar: Coconut & Olive Oil - Mint
  • Everything Body Bar: Coconut & Olive Oil - Lavendar 
  • Everything Bar: Coconut & Olive Oil - Mojito (mint and lime) - COMING SOON!


  • Everything Home Bar: Coconut Oil with light scents of organic oils (almost unscented)


See NY Times article on how soap works to kill germs:

Soap Bar - Coconut & Everything Body Bar

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$5.00Sale Price

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