This Spa Set is perfect for an evening unwind- you can relax knowing that you’ve made a sustainable choice for the planet! 

  • Hyssop Beauty Apothecary Bath Salts are made with epsom salt, all natural botanicals, and essential oils. These are great for a bath or foot soak. Use approximately 1 Tablespoon per soak- adjust as desired. Available in 3 varieties:
  1. You Glow Girl! A glowing skin blend with rose and bergamot
  2. Peace Out! A relaxation blend with lavender and jasmine
  3. Depuff the Magic Bath Salt. An anti-inflammatory blend of turmeric, ginger, and calendula
  • SH Loofah Sponges are handmade, completely compostable, multipurpose sponges. One side is terry cloth which is great for gentle cleansing, while the loofah side provides a more exfoliating wash. This sponge also acts as a soap saver. Place your soap on top of the sponge and as it dries, the soap collects in the sponge, making sure no soap is wasted while your bar dries between uses. Be sure to wash this sponge often to extend its longevity.

  • Nail Brushes are used to clean the nails to get rid of bacteria, microorganisms and dirt. Use warm water and soap to deep clean the nail bed and cuticle, where bacteria often collects.

  • Reusable cotton bag can be used for travel toiletries, make-up, snacks, or as a gift bag.


Add on a pumice stone for an additional $5.40!


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Pricing at events may vary 

~10% off Zero Waste Sets! 

Spa Set Value ~ $25.00-31.00

Spa Set