DESCRIPTION: These are a must have for anyone who uses a dryer! 100% Felted Wool.

DIRECTIONS: Use 3-6 Dryer Balls per load, depending on size of load. They pull the moisture from the dryer and more evenly distribute the drying. They reduce drying time by up to 25% by pulling moisture from the clothes. Add lavender sachets or a drop of lavender essential oil to the wool balls and clothes will smell great! With proper care these should last years. Pilling is both normal and good. 

IMPACT: You save money on dryer sheets, and energy for faster drying times, while your clothes are dried without toxins and no synthetic sheets are left to pollute! Want to do more? Hang one load a week out to dry. 

DISPOSAL: Compostable. We recommend that all bulkier and thicker items be cut up when put out to compost to kickstart the process. 


100% Wool Felted Dryer Balls - set of 3 in cream



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