DESCRIPTION: These microfiber cloths are fully compostable and each replaces about 17 roll of paper towel. Plus, we love the pattern choices offered. These are not only great for wiping all spills, washing dishes, cars and kids, but they are super absorbent holding about 20x their weight in water. Size: about 8x9" We carry Wet-It, Three Blue Birds and Redecker Brands. 


DIRECTIONS: Wash often. For best results wash a couple times weekly in the washing machine.


IMPACT: Each wipe is estimated to replace about 17 rolls of paper towel. Besides saving huge amounts of paper towel from landfill, these wipes save millions of trees and divert a large carbon footprint by creating these extremely reusable wipes. Also, keep in mind, these are sold without plastic packaging, unlike paper towel. Win-Win-Win as like to say!


DISPOSAL: Compostable at end of life.


INGREDIENTS: 70% Cellulose and 30% cotton.

Swedish Dish Cloth, (Wet-It)


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