Wine Bottle Sleeves are upcycled and made from 100% cotton shirts, with an occassional imperfection (slight wear on some but keep in mind we are a zero waste company). Please indicate color preference.


If you would like to see exact sleeve being delivered, just message me with color choice(s) and I'll send you a picture of exact options. Add a wine or sparkling water/soda bottle and these make a great hostess gift, corporate gift, etc. 


If you buy 3 you save (3 for $20). Please re-gift these or find another use and post! See instructions below. 


1. When you receive this as a gift, log your name  & location on the back of this tag.

2. Take a photo with your wine bottle sleeve & post to Instagram with hashtag: #sustainablehaus

3. Re gift & check back to track your sleeve’s journey.


Please note, I sell these at local markets and turnover is high. You will get a variety of sleeves in the color selected. I am happy to send an exact picture upon request. Also these make great wedding favors with either sparkling water or wine bottle. For larger orders/weddings of 25 or more, I will customize with a poem for the back of the tag as part of the gift. I can also embroider on the bride/groom's sleeve for an extra cost. Contact me for special orders. 


     Things are better the second time around,

     Happiness Jane and John have found.


     Take this gift as you leave,

     And enjoy this upcycled sleeve!


     Beautiful, unique and sustainable,

     Just like the marriage of John and Jane.


     Share the joy and love from this wedding day,

     When you reuse this sleeve or give it away.


     The life and the love that Jane and John  share,

     Will be remembered with this sleeve everywhere!


Also note, for larger orders, the shipping will calculate and add for each item purchased. I will do a combined ship and rebate all the overages.

Wine Bottle Sleeves


    Please email us if you have any questions..

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