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We carry about 50 refillable cleaning, body care and beauty products, listed here.

See below for the how easy the refill process works, and what to bring!

How it Works: (Easy, Peasy!)

Products sold by the pound (generally, 16oz container = 1lb)

Body Care and Beauty:

  • Sustainable Haus Mercantile (SHM)

    • Everything Bar: (for body, hair, shaving & hand washing) Unscented and Lavendar-Mint

    • Deodorant: Lemongrass, Lavender 

    • Shampoo Bar: Unscented and lavensdar-mint

    • Mineral Tooth Powder

  • Elate Beauty​ - refillable, clean, makeup in Bamboo containers with metal inserts, (individually priced)

    • Cream Concealer

    • Blush

    • Pressed Powder & Bronzer

    • Eye Shadow

    • Brow Balm

    • We also carry brushes, lipsticks, lip gloss, eyeliner, mascara, and foundation that are not refillable, but are made with clean ingredients and are in a combination of glass & bamboo containers, some with a small amount of plastic.

  • EO Essential Oils Body and Bath

    • Shampoo: Grapefruit & Mint

    • Conditioner: Grapefruit & Mint

    • Shower Gel: Grapefruit & Mint

    • Hand Soap: Unscented, Citrus & Eucalyptus

    • Lotion: French Lavendar, Grapefruit & Mint

    • (Hand Sanitzer coming mid April)

  • Hyssup Beauty Apothocary (for sanitary reasons these are not refillable, but you will get 50c refund for returned, glass bottles.)

    • Makeup Remover, Face Wash (women and mens), Coffee Eye Cream, Toner, Herbal Facial Steam, Herbal Face Mask

  • Oneka

    • Shampoo: Unscented, Angelica & Lavender, Cedar & Sage, Goldenseal & Citrus

    • Conditioner: Unscented, Angelica & Lavender, Goldenseal & Citrus

    • Shower Gel/Hand Soap: Angelica & Lavender, Cedar & Sage

    • Body Lotion: Unscented

  • Unpaste Tooth Tabs

  • Castile Soap

    • Carolina Castile: Unscented, Mint​

Cleaning Products

  • Sustainable Haus Mercantile (SHM)

    • Laundry Detergent; Unscented and Lavender

    • Dishwasher Pods

    • Fizzy Cleaning Pods (Toilet, bath, ert.)

    • Everything Bar Soap (for Home) - dishsoap, stainstick, anything you'd clean with soap and water.

    • General Purpose Cleaner

    • Glass Cleaner

    • Yoga Mat Spray

    • Lavender Linen Spray

  • Castile Soap

    • Carolina Castile: Unscented, Mint​

  • Ecos (all Liquids) 

    • Floor Cleaner (concentrated)

    • Ecos Wave Professional Dishwasher Liquid: free & clear

    • Dishmate Pro/Manual Dishwashing Liquid: Free & Clear, Grapefruit

    • All Purpose Cleaner (conicentrated): Orange Plus

    • Laundry Detergent: Free & Clear, Magnolia & Lilly, Lavendar

    • Stain and Odor Remover: Lemon

  • Meliora (all Powders)

    • Laundry Detergent: Unscented, Lemon

    • Gentle Cleaning Scrub 

    • Oxygen Brightener

    • All Purpose Flakes (to make liquid general purpose cleaner)

  • Basic Ingrediants sold in bulk for DIY 

(not for consumption - use for cleaning only)

  • Citric Acid

  • Baking Soda - Sodium Bicarbonate

  • Epsom Salt - Magnesium Sulfate

  • Soda Ash - Sodium Carbonate

  • (Rubbing Alcohol 70% and Aloe Vera Gel coming end of March)


Step 1: Container 

BYO Clean Container (Plastic is ok)


Buy a Container

We have mason jars, pumps, sprayers

small, medium, large, extra large, new & used

glass or aluminum.


Step 2: Weigh

At the Scale, Weigh Your Empty Container & Write the Weight on the Container

("Tare" weight is the fancy term for the conatiner's weight.)



If you buy a Container, we know the weight, so skip step.



STEP 3: Fill


Fill Up! 

Pump into a Bottle or Grab a Clean Scoop for the Powder .

Used scoops get put into the sink - wash hands/bottles as needed.



Step 4: Repeat & Pay

Repeat, repeat, repeat...

When finished, pay at the register.

Know that you are Making a Difference!  

Thank You!